WE NEED YOU !!!!!!

Without employees nothing goes of course. That's why we search nice, reliable and engaged people, the desire have to grow with radio-revolution. We are everything no professionals, would want to our listeners, nevertheless, with ours 8-hour programme the "revolution has begun"... please.

Also our friends with impediment take pleasure in sending.

We are glad about every application.!!

So, does not hesitate and becomes part of our team as:


We renounce an application form in you to us thousand things about himself or the available hardware must tell. Rather the following points should apply to you, because we will discuss all other one with pleasure by telephone with you.

You can identify with the music played by us  

You already have experience with presenting

You are at least 16 years old

You have a pleasant, understandable voice and debate

You show readiness for duty and to able of team

You own to at least 2000 music titles

You are able to deliver one to a 2-hour broadcasting twice weekly

You own a DSL connection with at least 96 kbps Upstream

You own a good microphone or Headset

You own a topical Pc system with at least 2-GHz processor

Before you go with us finally on the air, we will check of course your abilities by means of a test broadcasting. The trial period amounts 2 months.

  If e-mail sends us, best of all with your phone number and a few short infos about you, we immediately contact you.